Discard or preserve

Nijuikku-kata Meio-ku-nen-chu Hogono-uchi-yo Sutebun-bunsho Mokuroku web page
Item (206) of Box-ke, “Nijuikku-kata Meio-ku-nen-chu Hogono-uchi-yoshabun-bunsho Mokuroku,” 1500

The document above, written in 1500, is a list of documents the bugyo of Nijuikku-kata planned to discard but decided not to. Sorting out documents to preserve from a large number of documents brought from inside and outside the organization was one of the bugyo’s duties. The documents preserved in the Sai-in Library were a few that had survived the selection by the successive bugyo.
The list includes 24 documents, 17 of which are extant today.

Soji-ryo Sokushaku-jo web page
Item (77) of Box-mu, “Soji-ryo Sokushaku-jo,” December 31, 1496

Item (77) of Box-mu is one of the documents of Torikai-kata mentioned in the third line of Item (206) of Box-ke. This is a promissory note returned from the lender after Toji paid off a 23 kanmon (an old Japanese currency unit) debt. The document has been crossed out with India ink to indicate that this document was invalid. Although the documents listed in Item (206) of Box-ke are mostly promissory notes or letters of appreciation, some of them are somewhat unusual.

Iyo-no-hokyo Eigen Keiho Shogen Rensho Ukebumi web page
Item 204 of Box-ke, “Iyo-no-hokyo Eigen Keiho Shogen Rensho Ukebumi,” August 11, 1500

The document above is a written apology handed in by Eigen and Shogen, in which Eigen writes that he is sorry that his son, Keikan, a monk who has been expelled from the temple, is still making appearances around Sai-in and on its premises. This is the eighth document listed in Item (206) of Box-ke, which has been described as “a document handed in by Eigen and Shogen concerning Keikan.”